Veterans and Diabetes

The prevalence of diabetes is 20-25% in the veteran population.  This is a disparity that is significant in that it is higher than the prevalence of diabetes of 9-10% in the United States.

Diabetes is a preventable condition and for those who are at high risk for diabetes or who have been diagnosed with prediabetes, there are resources to help prevent or delay the onset of diabetes and complications that are associated with diabetes.

Studies support that 5-7% weight loss decreases the risk of having diabetes for those who are at risk and improves blood glucose control in those living with diabetes.  The VA’s MOVE! Weight Management Program is available to all Veterans who are overweight or obese and for whom weight management is appropriate. It supports Veterans in developing plans that work for them to lose or maintain weight through balanced diet, physical activity, and behavior change approaches.  For those who utilize technology to support lifestyle changes, VA’s MOVE! Coach App is a self-management tool that encourages healthy eating behavior, increasing physical activity, and promotes even small weight losses.

The Veterans Health Library is designed for and available to all Veterans, their family members and the public, no matter where the Veteran receives care. It can help you learn about your health problems, medical tests and treatments, and medications.  This library also can provide a rich variety of trusted and consistent health information for Veterans, including attractive and colorful ‘Go-To Guides,’ a library of more than 150 videos and more than 1,500 printable health and medication information sheets in both English and Spanish.  For more information about diabetes and self management, visit the section in the Veterans Health Library.

An interactive work book Living Well with Diabetes has information and imbedded videos to learn more about diabetes and self-management of diabetes.


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